In recent years, AI technology has made significant strides in transforming businesses, and now, the game is about to change once again with the introduction of Auto-GPT. As an innovative and powerful GPT-4 model, Auto-GPT is poised to disrupt the landscape of social media management, customer service, and even journalism.  For those interested in leveraging… Continue reading Auto-GPT

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Why Infrastructure Matters

Blockchain Infrastructure Similar to early home computer adoption, the general use of a technology is often hidden till a critical threshold of adoption is reached. For those adoptions, catalysts such an Apple 2 are required that significantly reduce the difficulty of joining the space, with the necessary robustness and user friendliness to keep the interest… Continue reading Why Infrastructure Matters

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Non-Custodial: Security & Utility

Non-Custodial A standard requirement for wallets to not become money transmitters is to let purely the owner of the keys compose and transact transactions. While a good implementation significantly reduces the chance of attacker based fund losses, it also increases the chance of user losing funds (due to password or mnemonic key losses). Even though… Continue reading Non-Custodial: Security & Utility

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To our Bitcoin SV choice

Core Properties of Blockchains While it seems that there is a sheer amount of different blockchain protocols with different advantages, a closer inspection reveals that most of them fall into specific groups of economic incentive and scalability properties that make them unremarkably similar. Game Theoretical Incentive For the long term maintenance and functioning of a… Continue reading To our Bitcoin SV choice

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