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AI Products


Simplify Contract Analysis with AI-Powered Insights.

Replace your lawyer with AI. Upload your contract and get a detailed interpretation and analysis within seconds.

  • Fairness Assessment

    Evaluate the fairness of contract terms with AI-driven insights.

  • Risk Analysis

    Identify potential risks in your contracts to make informed decisions.

  • Draft a Contract
  • TimeSeal

    Protect your data


    Uses blockchain to add a hash timestamp to a database row, allowing organizations to verify data creation time and detect unauthorized changes.

    Easy Integration

    Easily integrates with Firebase extensions and popular databases, making it simple to add to your business' current infrastructure.

    Low Cost

    We have a highly competitive pricing model, at a mere $0.0001 per entry, provides unparalleled cost efficiency without compromising.


    Our architecture can handle a large volume of data entries and modifications, enabling organizations to easily scale their operations.


    Unleash your Creativity!

    Unlock your imagination with AI-powered mind mapping. Generate ideas effortlessly, collaborate seamlessly, and fuel your productivity like never before.

    • AI Generated Suggestions

      Brainstormly leverages advanced AI algorithms to generate intelligent suggestions.

    • Customisable Templates

      Personalize your mind maps with Brainstormly's collection of customizable templates.

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